Things To Do Before The Age of 30


Things To Do Before The Age of 30 – Someone entering their 30s, will feel something different. They felt like someone had been reborn. At this age you will feel like there is a leap to a new life. Here are things you should do before turning 30 years old

1. Living Separately with Parents

Living in a parent’s house, together with parents, with all basic needs met is a comfort zone for everyone. But obviously there is no challenge right? Before you turn 30, you should have the experience of living on your own independently, away from your parents. Even though it’s only for 1 year, there will be many lessons that you can get.

Apart from self-study, you have plenty of private time with yourself, self-talk, and self-reflection.


2. Starting a Business

Do not let when you enter the age of 30 you have never tried to start your own business. You can run a small business such as selling goods, offering services, and much more. From here you will get a lot of financial knowledge such as managing finances, struggling to maintain your business so you don’t go bankrupt, and solving problems that arise in your business.


3. Failed Repeatedly

You must have often heard the saying “spend your failure quota at a young age”. This is very true. While you are still young, overcome all your fears and doubts to start moving. Don’t be afraid to fail, because you still have plenty of time to get up again.

Don’t be afraid to make radical and risky decisions. For example, quit your current job and start building your own business. Even if you have failed hundreds of times during your 20s, you will feel very grateful later when you start your 30s and beyond.

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4. Forming Good Habits

Now try to describe what you will be like in your 30s. After getting a clear picture, begin to develop steps to realize the vision. Form good habits in daily activities.

You can learn to manage your finances, or read a book about effective habits in your 20s and start implementing them. Write down the bad habits that you are currently doing, then replace them with positive habits that will make you better.


5. Love What You Do

Many people in their 20s are stuck in jobs they don’t love. Even though loving your job is crucial to finding happiness and achieving financial success. Loving work is something that can be learned.

When you love what you do, you will be more passionate and work harder. When people talk about pursuing a passion and doing a job they love, why don’t you take a different path by learning to love what you’re doing right now?

Loving your job and doing what you love are two different things.


6. Build Genuine Connections

Leave the virtual world, start interacting in the real world. No matter how sophisticated internet technology is, it will not be able to replace the sincerity of a real relationship. Those of you who prefer to stay at home, play social media, online games, or watch your favorite movie on the weekends, try to beat the feeling of tiredness and laziness to interact with the world around you.

Meeting old friends, going home to parents, and interacting with real people. You can even build connections that will benefit you in the future.


7. Read a lot of books

This may sound cliché, but reading a book opens up a whole new world that you’ve never encountered before. You see how the author views and reveals a problem, then you can put your own opinion there. Do you agree with the author, or do you have other, different ideas? Take a lesson from every book you read, then apply it in your life.

You can start reading from the genre you like. For example, if you like reading novels, read as many of your favorite novels as you can. The most important thing is that you have to love reading books. After you have succeeded in developing a love for reading books, you can develop your type of reading as well.