Tips for Readiness in Conducting Thesis Session

Tips for Readiness in Conducting Thesis Session – Every student who has completed his assignments in college, they will surely be in court to bring the thesis they have made. But it’s not that easy, there are many ways they have to prepare for the trial

1. Consult the supervisor first, maybe there are important things that you don’t understand in your thesis

You have pocketed the ACC trial. Don’t be satisfied just yet. Try to be careful again, maybe there are important things from your thesis that are still difficult for you to understand. Both in terms of theory and method. Well, here you can first consult with the supervisor. Who knows he can give directions or input.

Because during the trial, you will be asked a lot of questions from the examiner lecturer. So it requires the most unsafe foundation in answering every question asked.

Tips for Readiness in Conducting Thesis Session

2. Learn the essence of your thesis material. So as not to die in style when in the courtroom

As long as you are working on your thesis, of course, many things will be asked by the examiner. For that, prepare small notes to write down important points that you must remember in your thesis. You can also guess what questions the examiner is likely to ask.

Well, usually each campus applies a different system in the implementation of the thesis trial. There are campuses that automatically take care of the implementation of student sessions, without the student bothering to collect the necessary conditions. However, there are campuses that have independent rules.

So that it requires students to take care of the implementation of the trial by collecting the required documents. If you experience this condition, never be lazy to tidy up your files in a stopmap. Don’t let the implementation get you confused because your files are lost or scattered everywhere. Check the terms of the trial that must be attached.

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3. Eat nutritious food, drink lots of water and don’t stay up late

After the date and date of the trial have been set for sure, you must maintain your diet. Eat nutritious food as ammunition for your brain. Drink lots of water. Try not to sleep late or stay up late. Because this will reduce your concentration power when facing a thesis trial.

Many of the students adhere to the SKS system (overnight pursuit system) by studying and memorizing thesis material all night long. In fact, this will actually make you tired quickly. It is sufficient to understand the important part of the thesis material. So that when you get a question from the examiner, you can freely explore the answer well.

4. Make a concise power point presentation and start practicing the presentation

There’s no need to bother putting everything into a power point presentation. Keep it to a minimum and concise. The key is that you understand and are able to explain the material smoothly. Usually the presentation only lasts 5-10 minutes. Now you need to close the important statements from your thesis during the presentation. In order not to be nervous, you also need to prepare for presentation exercises first. At least you can adjust your attitude, intonation, speaking style and stringing words. Use polite language. It begins with greeting the examiner lecturer.

Information for Winning at Online Sportsbook Gambling

Information for Winning at Online Sportsbook Gambling – Receiving wins and losses while playing an online sportsbook betting game actually happens depending on how the players play it.

Playing gambling on soccer sports ambassadors is often a favorite distraction for gamblers. They can find a variety of great games, and betting is definitely the main magnet. Without betting, gambling is just a normal game, and it’s really not against. With bets, everything becomes interesting and this can also provide benefits. This interlude is even an opportunity to earn additional income because winning bets can make gamblers earn quite a lot of money.
From a few hundred thousand to millions of rupiah, this is possible for you to get. Currently, there are even ambassadors to play football. This makes soccer games easier for you to reach so that players don’t have to bother looking for a place to place bets.
Information for Winning at Online Sportsbook Gambling



Playing gambling from the internet is really good. In contrast to offline gambling which is carried out at gambling providers and other gambling places, soccer games can be carried out more easily. No need to travel at all, now they can easily play gambling just from the soccer sports betting ambassador. With only a computer and an internet connection, gambling has existed and has come before the eyes. Later, gamblers simply open the website every time they want to play, and this can be done anywhere, even from home once.
To play gambling on soccer  sbobet88 sports betting ambassadors, what you really need to do is register. This initial step must be carried out by everyone who is the first time a soccer game ambassador. This process needs to be done so that the gambler has an account. In this account, there is a username and password that will be used to log in every time you connect to the web to play gambling.
Without this account, gambling players will only be on the home page of the soccer site. The process is really easy because they need to fill in the existing form. The important side is the account filling process. The account must be registered because it will later be used in every business transaction.


Accounts are indeed an important part of the registration process. Except for the contents of individual information required in the account processing process, information regarding the account must be filled in completely and accurately. This includes the name of the account holder, the name of the bank, and the number of the existing account. Then, the new registration process can be carried out. This is important because soccer games still use money as a bet, and this money will be entered into the account by the transfer process.
The first important process is the deposit process. This is the level of putting money into the account. Because the account has been registered and connected to the account, the mechanism of the soccer sports betting ambassador will be easy to enter the nominal deposit into the account to later become betting capital. Then, another process is withdrawal. This process will be needed when gamblers want to take their winnings when playing gambling. In this case, football game ambassadors have provided easy access to find and make these deposit or withdraw levels.

Preparations to Do Before Interview

Preparations to Do Before Interview – Before the day of a job interview, we definitely need a readiness in ourselves to get a success. Here’s what you should do before the interview


1. Find out about the position and job description applied for

The first job interview preparation is to find out more about the position you are applying for. You can do this by reading the job description in each job vacancy.

This method is important because at the interview later, the company will test your knowledge regarding the job description and knowledge about the position. You can do this by interviewing friends or colleagues who have held similar positions or by searching the internet. Even if you need to, you can explore the basic theories of the area further!

Preparations to Do Before Interview

2. Finding Out Your Potential

Before looking for a job, preparation for a job interview that you can do is to understand your potential. You need to understand your character, talents, and skills so that you can feel more confident and make the interviewer believe in them.

In conclusion, before making others believe in your abilities, try to believe in your own abilities. From there, you can only show your potential.

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3. Doing Job Interview Practices

Practice answering interview questions is one thing you can also do. In fact, this is arguably one of the most important preparations for a job interview, you know! This way, you will be able to better anticipate the questions and prepare the answers before the interview.

You can do this with the help of relatives or friends so they can give an assessment or opinion and you can also do it yourself in front of the mirror. Look at your expressions and gestures when you speak. Make sure these things reflect proper job interview etiquette, which is polite, friendly, and authoritative.

4. Studying Company Profile

As mentioned earlier, understanding the job description is important. In addition, reading the description of the company and its industry is also part of preparing for a job interview that you must do. Job interviews do not only focus on candidates, your knowledge about the company being applied for will also be an assessment.

Generally, the interviewer will find out how much information you know about the company, for example about the background, the products or services offered, the company’s vision and mission, as well as the latest news regarding the company. If you succeed in answering, of course you will be seen as a good candidate and appreciate the opportunity.

Things To Do Before The Age of 30


Things To Do Before The Age of 30 – Someone entering their 30s, will feel something different. They felt like someone had been reborn. At this age you will feel like there is a leap to a new life. Here are things you should do before turning 30 years old

1. Living Separately with Parents

Living in a parent’s house, together with parents, with all basic needs met is a comfort zone for everyone. But obviously there is no challenge right? Before you turn 30, you should have the experience of living on your own independently, away from your parents. Even though it’s only for 1 year, there will be many lessons that you can get.

Apart from self-study, you have plenty of private time with yourself, self-talk, and self-reflection.


2. Starting a Business

Do not let when you enter the age of 30 you have never tried to start your own business. You can run a small business such as selling goods, offering services, and much more. From here you will get a lot of financial knowledge such as managing finances, struggling to maintain your business so you don’t go bankrupt, and solving problems that arise in your business.


3. Failed Repeatedly

You must have often heard the saying “spend your failure quota at a young age”. This is very true. While you are still young, overcome all your fears and doubts to start moving. Don’t be afraid to fail, because you still have plenty of time to get up again.

Don’t be afraid to make radical and risky decisions. For example, quit your current job and start building your own business. Even if you have failed hundreds of times during your 20s, you will feel very grateful later when you start your 30s and beyond.

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4. Forming Good Habits

Now try to describe what you will be like in your 30s. After getting a clear picture, begin to develop steps to realize the vision. Form good habits in daily activities.

You can learn to manage your finances, or read a book about effective habits in your 20s and start implementing them. Write down the bad habits that you are currently doing, then replace them with positive habits that will make you better.


5. Love What You Do

Many people in their 20s are stuck in jobs they don’t love. Even though loving your job is crucial to finding happiness and achieving financial success. Loving work is something that can be learned.

When you love what you do, you will be more passionate and work harder. When people talk about pursuing a passion and doing a job they love, why don’t you take a different path by learning to love what you’re doing right now?

Loving your job and doing what you love are two different things.


6. Build Genuine Connections

Leave the virtual world, start interacting in the real world. No matter how sophisticated internet technology is, it will not be able to replace the sincerity of a real relationship. Those of you who prefer to stay at home, play social media, online games, or watch your favorite movie on the weekends, try to beat the feeling of tiredness and laziness to interact with the world around you.

Meeting old friends, going home to parents, and interacting with real people. You can even build connections that will benefit you in the future.


7. Read a lot of books

This may sound cliché, but reading a book opens up a whole new world that you’ve never encountered before. You see how the author views and reveals a problem, then you can put your own opinion there. Do you agree with the author, or do you have other, different ideas? Take a lesson from every book you read, then apply it in your life.

You can start reading from the genre you like. For example, if you like reading novels, read as many of your favorite novels as you can. The most important thing is that you have to love reading books. After you have succeeded in developing a love for reading books, you can develop your type of reading as well.

Understand Self-Readiness in Building a Family


Understand Self-Readiness in Building a Family – In building a family is in need of maturity. Establishing a married relationship is not an easy thing to do. After all, you are a newly married couple. The process of changing one’s own habits into being married requires sufficient time to go through it. Here are things you should pay attention to in building a married relationship

Age Readiness

Age readiness is the age readiness for marriage, ideally 21 years for women and 25 years for men. The importance of this age readiness relates to preparing a mature mindset in perceiving a marriage. This readiness is also needed so that individuals already know and have knowledge about giving birth and caring for children and family life.

Financial Readiness

Financial readiness is part of financial independence so this criterion is very important for marriage readiness. In this case, financial readiness can be seen from having sufficient money, financial independence (not bothering parents), having a fixed career path in the long term, including how to manage family finances and resources and having family savings. This readiness is important because it is to manage resources and achieve family welfare.

Physical Readiness

Physical readiness is biological readiness such as the readiness of biological organs for sexual intercourse and the ability to care for and do household chores. Physical readiness is considered important so that individuals can prepare their biological organs and maintain and care for their health to achieve a healthy body

Mental Readiness

Mental readiness is the ability of individuals to prepare for the possibilities that may occur, to be ready to anticipate existing risks and to balance expectations and reality. It is important to do this readiness to prepare and anticipate all possibilities that occur in family life.

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Emotional Readiness

Emotional readiness is the ability of individuals to control their emotions well to avoid bad behavior and violence and to express their feelings to the people around them. Individuals who have good emotional readiness can regulate and manage their feelings well so that in dealing with problems they can position themselves well

Social Readiness

Social Readiness is the ability to develop various capacities to sustain a marriage. In addition, there are interactions between individuals and the wider community such as relationships to be accepted by the surrounding environment and can provide careers for their family’s future. Social readiness is needed by individuals to be able to make adjustments to the surrounding environment

Moral Readiness

Moral readiness is the ability to know and understand the values ​​of a good life such as commitment, obedience, patience and forgiveness. The importance of this readiness as guidelines and principles in carrying out daily life and can be used to shape personality in dealing with partners and extended families

Interpersonal Readiness

Interpersonal readiness is the ability of individuals to carry out competence in relationships such as husband and wife must listen to each other, discuss personal problems with their partners and appreciate if there are differences. Individuals need this readiness to understand other individuals, can appreciate and be considerate with others and can care about the surrounding environment.

Follow the Rules to Win Online Slot Gambling

Follow the Rules to Win Online Slot Gambling – It is not surprising that online slot gambling players may already be familiar. However, beginners must be able to play comfortably and must understand how to play.

Online Gambling Rules

Before you play and jump into playing online gambling, you should know a few things so that you can play on the site. A few things before playing:

Account. Before you play you must have an account to enter the site. Novice players must have a live22 slot game machine account that contains the player’s personal data in order to play the game comfortably. This game can be seen on the best online gambling sites and registered on trusted sites.
Form. Before we have an account, we have to fill in the previous form which includes name, phone number, account number, and email.
Check. After registering, don’t forget to check the form again so that your personal data is the same as in the form. Don’t forget to have a verification code linked to the form, so registration spam doesn’t occur and is easy to handle.
Follow the Rules to Win Online Slot Gambling
If you already have an account, it means that you are ready to play online gambling, but you need to know that you must be able to top up your balance because your initial balance is 0. If you have played you will also want to withdraw your winnings, consider the following:
Deposits. Where when you want to fill out your balance, you must fill out a deposit form first, don’t forget to transfer to the account number provided on the site. After completing the deposit, confirm to cs so that the process can be accelerated.
Withdraw. Gambling players certainly get the winnings, you as a player certainly want to withdraw the balance of the winnings. The way you fill out the withdrawal form in the main menu.
Confirmation to cs does not always have to be done but ensures you have made a deposit or withdraw.

Online Slot Games

The game also has many game types, including pictures, letters and numbers. Each rule has its own method and rules of the game.
Lukcy 7. Whether it’s a beginner or an old player, maybe this game is already familiar to game fans. If you want to win, you have to match 3 numbers 7.
Zeus. Game images must be paired with the same image. The images used in this game are of ancient Greek royalty. The main character is Zeus. If we win Zeus in parallel, it will win a big jackpot.
Empires. It depicts a Greek war hero. Nothing in this game is more difficult than other games.

Correct Calculation of Online Mix Parlay Bet

Correct Calculation of Online Mix Parlay Bet – You can get the right way to calculate the soccer betting mix parlay and learn it well, through all the tutorials that we will share here.

Mix parlay is a type of soccer betting that has the largest payout value, but it is not an easy thing to make this happen, because you have to understand what types of bets can be played and also how to calculate if you win.
Therefore, in order to help you play, here we will share a review on how to calculate the correct and correct mix parlay soccer bet on online soccer gambling sites.
Before we get into the discussion of how to calculate the mix parlay, it’s a good idea for you to understand in advance what types of sbobet365 bola bets bettors can play here, as follows:
Correct Calculation of Online Mix Parlay Bet

A. Handicap

The type of soccer bet that has become a big prima donna for football lovers everywhere, where here the bettor cannot place bets in the middle of the match but in this mix parlay bet, the handicap must be installed at the beginning of the game.
Broadly speaking, the handicap in the mix parlay system is not much different, namely it is still played based on voor, namely:
Voor 0.
Voor 1/4.
Voor 1/2.
Voor 3/4.
Voor 1.

B. 1 x 2

This type of bet is also the simplest to play, because here the player or bettor must guess the following possibilities:
Away Team Wins (2).
Home Team Win (1).

C. Odd Even

For this bet you have to guess with certainty and accurately the total goal result in 1 football match, either the first half or the full round.
Odds = Odd.
Even = Even.

D. Over Under

The type of bet that has a way of playing that is not much different from the odd even, which is also guessing the total goal in 1 football match, namely:
Over = Exceeding the Market.
Under = Not Exceeding the Market.
After understanding how to play the types of bets that can be played, then we will provide a discussion on how to calculate the soccer betting mix parlay as we will describe below.

How to Play Easy Online Slots And Earn Wins

How to Play Easy Online Slots And Earn Wins – In slot machine gambling games you have to know how to play to make it easier to win a game.

Student gambling games include games that are indeed complicated to play, let alone to win. But this game is very easy for you to play. Because that has become the reason why people prefer this game over other gambling games.

For this reason, this game has been a favorite for a long time in the gambling world. You must know that we can easily play gambling through land-based casinos that already exist in this country. But because there are several factors that affect the existence of the gambling. so that in our country there must be a ban on gambling.
Which resulted in Indonesia having a ban on all things related to gambling. Because so many people have abused and also made negative things that make our country chaotic and also undeveloped. Therefore, so that this never happens, the government sets a law regarding this matter.
How to Play Easy Online Slots And Earn Wins

The Right Characteristics So You Can Determine The Best And Trusted Online Website Agent

You have to determine the right characteristics so that you can get the best and most trusted online slot88 website agent. That way you will be able to play safely and certainly protected from things that will harm each of you. In addition to being able to protect and be safe, of course, you can also receive various kinds of benefits and benefits that will be provided by the agents of the Online Casino website.
If you want to be active on an online slot site, you can choose a website that is already licensed. All licenses that have been owned by online websites will always be original and also trusted. Therefore, sites that already have a license must have had many members who participated in becoming a member on the website.
Besides you have to look for a licensed online slot website, of course you also have to choose a website that has the best service. Because surely every site will have obstacles in any case. Therefore, if you have problems, of course you will ask the customer service party who understands the online website server better. That way if you can choose a gambling website that has good service. Automatically you will be able to play comfortably.
For online slot machine games you must know that this game is not easy to win. But once you get a win then you will have a pretty big win. In the snap machine game, it has a very easy way of playing and it is also very fun.
For this reason, it has become the reason why many people choose slot machine games to make bets to win. Before you place a bet, you must and must first know the slot machine of your choice.

How to Win More Often at Online Slot Gambling

How to Win More Often at Online Slot Gambling – Even the most experienced slots players can be overwhelmed by all the different betting options that slot games have to offer while trying to follow a solid bankroll management system in an attempt to win the Jackpot.

Many players, especially those with more experience in the game, like to use the Skill Stop feature offered on many slot machines. They claim that this feature allows them to have more control over their games. The question is, does Skill Stop really have an impact on how often you win? We have decided to dedicate this article to Skill Stops and other alternative ways to help you win more often. Come see…

How to Win More Often at Online Slot Gambling

Skill Stop – Does it control the game?

The main reason why some slot players like to use Skill Stop is because it allows them to control the outcome of the reels, at least in theory. Some say that by stopping the reels on demand, they can change the outcome and make the difference between losing a bet and possibly hitting a progressive. To judge whether this is true, we need to understand that the outcome of each spin of the reels in online kiss 918 slots is actually determined by a mathematical algorithm called the Random Number Generator. The payoff the reels will produce is actually calculated in 1/1,000 of a second, so if all you’re trying to do is time the Skill Stop to get the exact result you’re looking for, I can tell you right now it’s nearly impossible.
Another reason why players like to use Skill Stop is because they claim that this feature allows them to influence the game effectively. This statement is actually true. If you let the reels spin and stop on their own, you will get a different result if you stop them using Skill Stop. The reality, however, is that you can still rely enough on your luck to lay the reels in a winning combination.

Bankroll Management – ​​Effective Strategy

As most slot players will tell you, the trick to playing slots – especially the progressive jackpot, is to be able to play for as long as possible without going broke. This is where having solid bankroll management comes into play. The goal here is to stretch your bankroll as much as possible to keep playing longer, thus giving you more chances to get more bonuses and eventually hit the jackpot.
To achieve this, you don’t need to have a big budget to play with. Something that is very effective is to look for slot games that offer as many winning combinations, generous bonus symbols, and the highest possible payouts as possible. Another great way to increase your bankroll is to look for the casino that offers the highest bonus on your first deposit and if possible, reload the deposit bonus (next). This type of bonus will instantly give you double or more money to play with, for free!
As you can see, the Skill Stop feature allows you to influence the outcome of the game but not in the way you might expect. The most effective way to increase your winning chances is to get as much free money on your deposit as possible, play the highest paying games with the most winning combinations, and follow a solid bankroll management system. So focus on these three aspects of your strategy and let the wins roll!
Slots are one of the most popular casino games played all over the world. Like most casino games, Slots is a game of chance, so it is almost impossible to influence the outcome of the game. If you want to play these fun games and increase your chances of winning money, I suggest you first read the various strategies and suggestions for Playing Slots for Money and find out which slot games offer the best winning odds and the highest payouts and which casinos can afford it. do it. increase your money instantly with the best bonuses.

Reasons for Online Poker Gambling Is Always Recommended

Reasons for Online Poker Gambling Is Always Recommended – There was a strong surge among poker sites, as online players started playing the game to their heart’s content.

On-line casinos try to provide the same atmosphere as a land-based casino, through graphics and sound effects. The players can play with the computer or with other players via social networking betting sites such as full speed poker sites. This facility delights the players, as they get the same feeling as playing in a regular casino. In a poker room at full tilt, you can witness around seventy thousand passionate poker players playing on the website, placing new bets. This is confirmed by great poker download idn play players like Phil Ivey and Jennifer Harment.
Reasons for Online Poker Gambling Is Always Recommended
Players are very happy with the abundance of freebies and the various benefits available on full tilt poker sites. You can earn up to $600 as a join bonus, when you play for real money. Once you register with a full speed poker site, you will be allocated a referral code, along with FTP, so you cannot start multiple accounts on the website. The download option is provided for US players, actually pleases US game players.
Every full tilt review you find online will explain the options for cashing out even before closing. If you wish, you have the freedom to cash out in certain piles. But then the remaining amount is taken to the rival account for the closing round.
Full tilt reviews state this poker room is the perfect and safest room to play poker online. The security of the players’ personal identity is taken seriously and therefore they take great care to ensure the privacy of personal data. Thus, the players are allowed to play free from worries and concentrate on their game. There are several websites that sell credit card information to other people, but no one has ever experienced such a fake service from a full speed poker site and you might know it from a full tilt review.