Love Requires A Readiness

Love Requires A Readiness – In doing great things, surely you will need a mature readiness to be able to live them. This includes loving others. There are some things you have to prepare

1. When you have expressed love to someone, you must be able to keep your heart from other loves

Your declaration of love may indeed flatter him. Even if he doesn’t necessarily have the same feelings as you, who doesn’t want to be loved? But that only applies if your declaration of love is followed by proof of your loyalty to him.

Even though he is still your crush, prove that your heart is only for him. Don’t even shoot him last week, this week you seem to be approaching other people who seem more interested in you.

Even if your crush hasn’t given an answer to your declaration of love, show that you really deserve to be his partner. Especially when your love has been accepted. He will be very sorry for wanting to be your partner if you do something bad.

Love Requires A Readiness

2. Don’t be selfish, you have to be ready if your love is rejected

Unrequited love hurts, right? But what if he not only doesn’t love you back but loves someone else? Unfortunately, that very lucky person is your friend!

Even if your friend doesn’t love him, you will still feel jealous to death. Especially because they love each other and then become. The pain is so hard to describe, isn’t it? But still, you have no right to stop them. You have to accept that harsh reality!

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3. Loving without the courage to make a stronger commitment is just a waste of time

Maybe not everyone agrees. But the majority of people still consider marriage as the strongest form of commitment in a romantic relationship. So even if there is only him in your heart, if you don’t want to marry him, he will question your seriousness.

At some point, he concludes that you really aren’t serious about him. He doesn’t care what your reasons are for delaying or even avoiding marriage. He will leave you and find someone who is more willing to commit.