Understand Self-Readiness in Building a Family


Understand Self-Readiness in Building a Family – In building a family is in need of maturity. Establishing a married relationship is not an easy thing to do. After all, you are a newly married couple. The process of changing one’s own habits into being married requires sufficient time to go through it. Here are things you should pay attention to in building a married relationship

Age Readiness

Age readiness is the age readiness for marriage, ideally 21 years for women and 25 years for men. The importance of this age readiness relates to preparing a mature mindset in perceiving a marriage. This readiness is also needed so that individuals already know and have knowledge about giving birth and caring for children and family life.

Financial Readiness

Financial readiness is part of financial independence so this criterion is very important for marriage readiness. In this case, financial readiness can be seen from having sufficient money, financial independence (not bothering parents), having a fixed career path in the long term, including how to manage family finances and resources and having family savings. This readiness is important because it is to manage resources and achieve family welfare.

Physical Readiness

Physical readiness is biological readiness such as the readiness of biological organs for sexual intercourse and the ability to care for and do household chores. Physical readiness is considered important so that individuals can prepare their biological organs and maintain and care for their health to achieve a healthy body

Mental Readiness

Mental readiness is the ability of individuals to prepare for the possibilities that may occur, to be ready to anticipate existing risks and to balance expectations and reality. It is important to do this readiness to prepare and anticipate all possibilities that occur in family life.

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Emotional Readiness

Emotional readiness is the ability of individuals to control their emotions well to avoid bad behavior and violence and to express their feelings to the people around them. Individuals who have good emotional readiness can regulate and manage their feelings well so that in dealing with problems they can position themselves well

Social Readiness

Social Readiness is the ability to develop various capacities to sustain a marriage. In addition, there are interactions between individuals and the wider community such as relationships to be accepted by the surrounding environment and can provide careers for their family’s future. Social readiness is needed by individuals to be able to make adjustments to the surrounding environment

Moral Readiness

Moral readiness is the ability to know and understand the values ​​of a good life such as commitment, obedience, patience and forgiveness. The importance of this readiness as guidelines and principles in carrying out daily life and can be used to shape personality in dealing with partners and extended families

Interpersonal Readiness

Interpersonal readiness is the ability of individuals to carry out competence in relationships such as husband and wife must listen to each other, discuss personal problems with their partners and appreciate if there are differences. Individuals need this readiness to understand other individuals, can appreciate and be considerate with others and can care about the surrounding environment.